Who is My Car Loan Plus?

We are a part of JBS Finance, Inc., an indirect third party automobile finance company located in Flowery Branch, Georgia.  My Car Loan Plus is an extension of JBS Finance, Inc. engaged in making direct automobile loans to consumers who have less than perfect credit and desire to re-build their credit profile.

How Long Does the Application Process Take?

The application takes between 5 to 10 minutes.  Your "Coach" will be assigned within 24 hours. 

Who is My “Coach” and What Do They Do?

The My Car Loan Plus Coach is your personal guide throughout the entire purchase process. Their purpose is to answer any questions, provide information/support and keep the process on track to efficiently assist and complete your automobile loan and purchase.

How Long before I can “Shop” for a car?

Shortly after meeting your Coach you will receive your My Car Loan Plus "Loan Approval Confirmation".  Upon signing this document begin your empowered search at any dealership in the State of Georgia over the next 30 days.

What is the $95 refundable loan processing fee?

This is a small portion of the loan origination fee and is completely refunded to you upon closing your My Car Loan Plus loan.

Are there any vehicle restrictions or mileage and model year requirements?

The short answer is yes, however this is determined by you with your coach and is specified in your "Loan Approval Confirmation".  My Car Loan Plus generally finances vehicles newer than 5 years with less than 85,000 miles.

How do I send and receive my documents electronically?

Contracts, disclosures and authorizations are handled securely online through DocuSign.  Review our Privacy Policy for additional details.

What about my interest rate, terms and down payment?

Interest rates are dependent upon your specific financial and credit situation.  Loan terms can range from 36-84 months depending on the vehicle age and mileage.  Down payment requirements can vary depending upon your financial, credit situation and car choice. 

Entire loan terms are presented to you in the "Loan Approval Confirmation" and finalized upon your vehicle selection prior to your purchase.  Down payment and/or trade-in value are established and paid by you directly to the dealership you are working with.

How secure is my information?

As secure as any on-line banking you may now do. All information you provide on our site is 128 bit encrypted going to multiple geographically diverse and secure 128 bit servers.  Read and review our Privacy Policy.

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